The Law Degree at Oxford

Structure of the course and exams

The University of Oxford offers two legal degrees; Course I is a three-year course and Course II is a four-year course which follows the same syllabus, but with the third year taken abroad at a university in France, Germany, Italy, or Spain (studying French, German, Italian, or Spanish law), or the Netherlands (studying European and International law). 
In terms 1 and 2 of Year 1 all students study ‘Mods’ courses which consists of Criminal law, Constitutional law and A Roman introduction to private law. All students are then examined on these at the end of term

After this, all students take the compulsory courses, as well as two optional ones. These are then examined in the third year (or for Course II students, in the fourth year).

For those on Course II, there are also French/German/Italian/Spanish law and language classes during the first six terms, or, for those going to the Netherlands, introductory Dutch language courses in the second year.

Compulsory papers

To gain a law degree, the following compulsory papers must be taken by all Oxford law students.

These are: Tort Law, Contract Law, Land Law, Trusts, Administrative Law, EU Law and Jurisprudence.



Optional papers

Alongside the compulsory papers, students have the opportunity to choose several papers to study. Oxford offers a wide range of optional papers to choose from. 

 The list of current options can be found here: 


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