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President’s Address



I am honoured to serve as your President for the Oxford Law Society this Trinity Term 2024, with the aim of revitalising the community in our great society. We aim to achieve this by hosting amazing social events and opportunities.

Trinity term lends itself to a term of socialising and development, which are the two core themes that we seek to reinforce. We are excited to see this magnificent society flourish and evolve through your involvement.

We will be kicking off the term with a Membership Drive on the 24th April to attract new members and formally announce our Term Card which consists of events such as a Celebratory Dinner for MODs students as a reward for completing their exams!

We are delighted to launch this term with our biggest President’s Drinks yet on the 5th of May at the Ashmolean Museum in partnership with the Oxford Finance Society. This event promises an evening of opulence, jubilation, and community.

Upon listening to your feedback, it is vital for us to host noteworthy social events to foster this community feeling ranging from Wine & Cheese Nights to Park Runs. Our Term Card will offer something for everyone to strengthen the importance of diversity and inclusivity in our society.

In order for our society to thrive, we need your participation and feedback to ensure that our collective aspirations are achieved. I am thrilled to represent this society, and I welcome any suggestions for events, initiatives, and feedback from our members.

Wishing you all an incredible Trinity Term







Student Memberships

Stripe Pricing Table

Membership duration is 4 years to accommodate those on 4-year courses.

Please contact if your course is longer.
For any additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to the same email.

What we do

Career Events

The Oxford Law Society organizes events for students exploring legal careers, offering presentations and workshops with top law firms. These events, beneficial for both aspiring barristers and non-law students, cover various legal areas, including family and human rights law.



The Oxford Law Society is known for hosting the University’s most popular social events, including termly Presidents’ drinks with an open bar and entertainment, and various other socials like Tapas & Sangria, Burritos & Mojitos, and the Puppy Party, along with new additions such as Jazz & Cocktails and Crazy Golf & Cocktails.


The Oxford Law Society’s diversity-focused social events feature presentations and panel discussions from law firm representatives, emphasizing diversity in the workplace. These events also include networking sessions, helping members from under-represented backgrounds connect with top firms.

Illuminating Legal Minds


Delve into thought-provoking articles, astute analyses, and insightful commentaries that encapsulate the Oxford Law Society’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and intellectual curiosity.

What People Say 

Law Society has been extremely useful in helping me explore different career paths as a law student. I have also been able to meet other lawyers across year groups which has massively helped me settle into Oxford generally First Year Law Student, St Hilda’s

As a subject that does not have many contact hours, I have really appreciated the socials Law Society holds to get to know my cohort of lawyers

Second Year Law Student, St Edmund Hall

As a non-law student I have found that Law Society has introduced me to career paths without which I might not have even considered

Fourth Year Chemistry Student – St Catz

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