The Oxford Law Society is governed by a Committee consisting of the Executive Committee and the General Committee. In addition, College Representatives assist in managing ‘LawSoc’.

The LawSoc Committee is comprised of members from a diverse range of colleges, disciplines and years of study. Historically, law and non-law students have each constituted 50% of the Committee, with previous Presidents having read subjects from Law to Geography and Biological Sciences.

The LawSoc Committee is elected by LawSoc’s members at the end of each term. Details regarding elections are released in the weekly LawSoc newsletter email and across the Society’s social media platforms each term.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of LawSoc consists of the President; Vice-President; Treasurer; and Secretary.

Elections onto the Executive Committee take place two terms in advance; once elected, individuals spend one term in elect positions before commencing their term. E.g. a candidate stands for election as President at the end of Hilary term 2017; if elected, the individual takes up the position of President-elect during Trinity term 2017, and President during Michaelmas term 2017.

Candidates for election onto the Executive Committee are taken from the General Committee. Each candidate is required to be proposed and seconded by two other members of the Committee.

General Committee

The General Committee of LawSoc is comprised of a variety of positions, including Events Officers; Membership Officers; Marketing Officers; Ball Officers; a Social Secretary; and a Verdict Editor.

Once elected, individuals immediately take up a role on the General Committee. Candidates for election onto the General Committee are taken from members of LawSoc.

College Representatives

The College Representatives of LawSoc are an unelected position and are determined through application.

Following a successful application, individuals immediately take up the position of College Representative. Candidates for applications to become a College Representative are taken from the members of LawSoc.

Oxford Law Society Committee, Michaelmas Term 2017
Oxford Law Society Committee, Hilary Term 2017
Oxford Law Society Committee, Michaelmas Term 2016