Jeremy Yao, President

The Oxford Law Society is established as one of the largest and most recognised societies at the University of Oxford, serving as students’ primary resource into the legal profession.

As President of the Oxford Law Society, it is my pleasure to warmly welcome you to the Society. ‘LawSoc’ enjoys a long history of providing students with valuable legal insight, in addition to hosting the university’s leading social events. The Society provides a platform for students to connect with some of the world’s leading law firms.

This Michaelmas term 2017, I am delighted that our Committee has raised the highest level of sponsorship in the history of LawSoc, allowing our members to enjoy an unrivalled programme of events. You can become a LawSoc member by visiting the ‘Join‘ page.

Please explore our website and connect with us across our social media platforms to learn more about our opportunities. On behalf of the LawSoc Committee, I hope that our events prove fruitful, varied and enjoyable for our members.

Jeremy Yao
Oxford Law Society