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It is my honour to serve as President of the Oxford Law Society for Trinity Term 2023. As the largest subject-based society at Oxford, I am really excited to use my term to both meet the aims of the Law Society as well as bring new ideas to enhance it where possible.

A large theme of my term is diversity. This has been focused on in two key ways. Firstly, we have targeted sponsorship opportunities and placed a special emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion in law careers, introducing new social events to champion underrepresented groups within our community. We also pride ourselves in ensuring opportunities are designed to attract both law and non-law students. Secondly, in response to your valuable feedback, we have diversified the range of career events available to members by placing a focus on different legal areas including international law, careers as in-House Counsel and legal technology, to name but a few.

Aside from events, this term will see our new stash collection which will be available to buy at the start of term, the launch of our ‘Verdict’ online blog, as well as the creation of a mentorship scheme.

I hope you enjoy the term card and I welcome any suggestions for events, initiatives, and feedback from our members.

Thank you for your continued support, and I anticipate a successful term together.







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Career Events

The Oxford Law Society is committed to helping students explore different legal careers. Every term we host a number of presentations and application workshops with leading law firms, which help our members who are looking to secure first-year insight schemes, vacation schemes, or training contracts with the most prestigious law firms.

For those wishing to pursue careers as barristers we host similar types of events. We also offer insight a wide range of different areas of law such as family law and human rights law. Our careers events are always relevant to non-law students in helping them discover more about the legal field.



Some of our members are set on a legal career, others join simply because we also have the reputation of hosting the largest and most in-demand social events at the University.

Presidents’ drinks, held each term, offers a fully open bar, delicious sweet and savoury treats, and fantastic musical entertainment.

Each term continues with a vast array of social events, including LawSoc classics, such as Tapas & Sangria, Burritos & Mojitos, and the ever-popular Puppy Party. New events are often included, such as Jazz & Cocktails and Crazy Golf & Cocktails.


With our commitment to promoting diversity within the legal profession, we hold a number of socials which focus on the importance of diversity in the workplace.

These diversity-focused events often begin with a presentation or panel discussion with representatives from leading law firms discussing the role of the diversity networks at their firm and how their firm has supported them throughout their training.

We hope that the networking drinks that follow these discussions allow members from backgrounds that are traditionally under-represented in the City to make meaningful connections with top firms.


One of the highlights of the Oxford social calendar is the incredible LawSoc Ball. These are held every term and are always extravagant affairs. Previous venues have included, The National Gallery, Natural History Museum, and Blenheim Palace.

Illuminating Legal Minds


Delve into thought-provoking articles, astute analyses, and insightful commentaries that encapsulate the Oxford Law Society’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and intellectual curiosity.

Welcome to Trinity 2023

Welcome to Trinity 2023

 A Warm Welcome to Our Community Welcome to the Oxford Law Society, a thriving community dedicated to empowering students with the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to excel in the legal profession. Our Society is the largest student law society in the UK...

What People Say 

Law Society has been extremely useful in helping me explore different career paths as a law student. I have also been able to meet other lawyers across year groups which has massively helped me settle into Oxford generally First Year Law Student, St Hilda’s

As a subject that does not have many contact hours, I have really appreciated the socials Law Society holds to get to know my cohort of lawyers

Second Year Law Student, St Edmund Hall

As a non-law student I have found that Law Society has introduced me to career paths without which I might not have even considered

Fourth Year Chemistry Student – St Catz

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